The Last Row of the George Geary




Graham reports how difficult it was steering by hand during the recent bad weather. Unfortunately I had to report to him that the week ahead holds more bad weather with winds of force 5 gusting force 7 and waves of 3 meters.
He reports that his water maker has been malfunctioning. He stripped it down to try and find the problem and on reassembly it initially appeared to be working ok, but after a few hours it stopped again. He has attatched the manual pump handle and is currently using that. Next report in 5 days



Graham is into his 4th day of heavy weather, he has for most part been sheltering in the aft cabin. Everything is soaking wet through, not only his clothes but also the interior of the cabin as the heavy waves have found a way through the hatch!! he has been driven of course but but is taking steps to rectify that problem. He has been emptying the boat out with a stirrup pump which itself has required botching up with gaffer tape.



Position 23 39 70 N 19 25 20 W
Graham reports that the seas are building although no storm is predicted. He is still working on the damaged seat and in addition now has another leak in the stern. Another problem has been the oar sleeves which have disintergrated, but he has found that wrapping gaffer tape around the area is an effective substitute.
He has a temporary passenger, a storm petrel arrived exhausted and used the George Geary has a rest stop. Graham is feeding him so he obviously feels at home because he seems reluctant to move on!!




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