The Last Row of the George Geary




Apparently the sea has calmed considerably but the wind has swung around to the west ie directly against him. This is not only slowing his progress but at times is blowing him backwards!!! He reckons this will add 2 or 3 days to his journey time

The air temperature has gradually risen and now it is scorching hot. The deck is actually burning his feet. The only relief is to take a dip in the sea. Only thing is there's a hammerhead shark lurking about which occasionally zooms in and takes one of the tuna sheltering under his boat!!!

He reports the leaks are abating with him having to bail out less.



Graham reports strong winds and the sea state building with waves of upto 4 mtrs. During the heavy rolling Graham stumbled into the cabin doorway and has bruised his ribs badly

He continues to have no luck fishing, the fish are nibbling at the lures but not biting. His water and food are lasting ok with no shortages predicted and the hand pumped water maker available if needed.

The rowing seat continues to be problematic despite Grahams numerous ingenious botch ups. The leaks have got no worse.

Graham reports that in contrast to every previous crossing he has not seen a single vessel!!!

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Graham reports a favourable westerly wind direction and a good sea state.

The only breakages reported are the wheels of his rowing seat which have come off yet again. Meanwhile Graham has found a forgotten manual water maker buried under all of his supplies. If he pumps for 50 minutes (approximately 2000 strokes) he can produce half a litre of water!!

In order to give him a bit of variety with his diet Graham has been fishing, so far without success. Meanwhile when he swims under the boat cleaning the bottom a two meter tuna hovers nearby!!

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