There are so many people and Companies that have helped me to reach this point, so it is with great pleasure I mention them all.

One of the greatest supporters was James Johnstone, who has had massive input into the Puffin project.  I have left him the task of thanking the main Sponsors.

Nour Al Shorouk – A substantial private donation was made to the Puffin Transatlantic Row , and the donor asked that we bring attention to this new world class addiction rehabilitation treatment centre based in Beirut, Lebanon.

James Johnstone Ltd – The company organise anything, anywhere, anytime. James and his family are delighted to offer Graham the use of the original Puffin . James also raised all the funds Graham needed to be able undertake this adventure. James works part-time for the British Red Cross as a fundraising consultant and asked that any excess monies raised from this trip be donated to the London Emergency Response Appeal to buy a new ambulance, to be named Puffin .

Edmiston – They are world leaders in the sale and charter of large yachts, with offices in London, Monte Carlo, Mexico City and Los Angeles. Their wonderful support is greatly appreciated.

Fred Olsen – This famous shipping company, whose world headquarters are in Olso, Norway has renewed its links with Puffin thanks to its kind sponsorship. On 25 th July 1966, a Fred Olsen ship, the SS Bengazi , came across Puffin in mid Atlantic. The captain kindly provided David Johnstone and John Hoare, who by that time had been at sea for 66 days, with much-needed provisions including 1,200 cigarettes and four bottles of beer.

One Company has given me a life saving device, of course I'm talking about Stoney Cove Diving Centre.   Martin and I designed a buoyancy system to self-right the boat, which Martin then built.  Everybody at the Diving Centre have been very helpful over the years.

Steve, Gareth and Sam from Rollings Builders Merchants always support my rowing endeavours.

Mick and Lynn from The Thurmaston Times, printing, copying, faxing etc., precious time spent when they are so busy publishing and printing our village paper.

All the people at Parkers Garage , always helpful, Parkers the parts people is an appropriate name.  Their generous gift of two batteries are giving me excellent service.

Ken and Tatiana from the Ocean Rowing Society , in fact their whole family, assisting me always with the boat.

Andy Coekin for excellent work on the solar panel frame.

My old friend John from JK Building Services who always supports me with my rowing projects, not forgetting John's son Kevin, the K from JK.

Another good friend Kim who came out to La Gomera to help me work on Puffin, taking time off from his business K Lewington Plumbing Services, and, apart from this, getting my broken body to hospital more than once.

Bob, who spent many hours working on Puffin on the Empire Pub car park, situated below his business Angell Patterns Ltd. Simon, his constant invitations to get me injured playing for Aylestone St James Rugby Club are not forgotten, or the many members who have helped in my rowing endeavours. 

Dick can't go without a mention, or his son John who has been kind enough to finish off a few jobs for Graham's Lofts, my own business.

Brett, who worked extremely hard with me building the first rowing boat, The George Geary.  Always at the other end of the telephone to comply with any request.  (Keep painting the scenery behind the stage.)

Dave, who more than once has been out to the Canaries to help work on Puffin and The George Geary.

Rob, who worked on The George Geary, coming out to Tenerife, and taking time off from his previous business Didimix.

Another good friend and supporter, Simon Chalk.  I met him on the first Atlantic rowing race.  He enjoyed the race so much that he actually bought it with his Company, Woodvale Events, and went on to row the Indian Ocean.

Thanks to all those who helped in La Gomera marina, so many.  

Many people have helped me in Tenerife no matter what the situation in their own lives. The first one is Sue. Not many people would have put up with an old boat together with my old car cluttering their garden for a whole year, put me up , feed me, do my washing and paint Puffin, on top of which she did the publishing in magazines and arranged radio interviews.

Steve, who in 2005 helped me prepare the boat, print the photos and helped me drink Gallons of red wine.

Dan for towing the boat up the mountain,

Kenny, from Venli for his carpentry skills in making the coamings.

Paul, for helping mend the electrics.

Oliver and Vonne for the loan of their apartment in La Caleta

Elsie and Alistair, for two fantastic Christmas dinners.

Clive and Jayne, for supporting and sending me off the first time.

Bob for helping to right Puffin as she nearly fell off the trailer and Sally always ready to help with the computer work.

Oasis radio for the on the air chat

Tony and Lyn, Tony for resolving the electric problems on Puffin, Lyn and Sue for sorting out the freeze dried food as did Lynda and Kevin from the Cat Hotel.

Puffin the stray cat who slept on Puffin while in Sue's garden.

Anne of Buenes Aires fans for supplying the water maker.

Phil, for helping to install the electrics.

Spiky Mike from Paddy McGinty´s for keeping me well supplied with beer.

Steve and Paul from the Harbour Lights for many meals and for painting my wife's nails!

Ben for flying over from the UK with the self righting equipment.

George, Jon and Trevor for filling their suitcases with freeze dried food.

Steve Wormsley from the T Shirt factory, for printing the T shirts at the last minute.

Richard Seargant, for rushing to make the stickers for puffin.

Not forgetting all those who gave their time and support at the Marina in La Gomera.

Tony, for sorting my old car out.

Monolo for keeping my “spirits up” at the Blue Marlin

Roger Diss, from The Tenerife Sun and Canarian Weekly for their up to date news and reporting

Rob Hamill for all the help with the boat and more.

The list of supporters is endless, New Parks Sailing Club, Del-Mar Diving Club, Phil from Churchill Garage, The Dixons, Barbara Jesson, my next door neighbours Marian, Raymond and Edward, Barbara and David Jennings, Ray and Jean Simpkin, George Simpson, and to all of you I have overlooked, I apologise.

Landlord Geggs Stephens of the Anchor, Walton on the Wolds and local Billy Pick.

Landlord Steve Winning of the 1852 Brewery

The unfinished task, apart from the rowing, is the web site of course, so thank you Pete Fleming for making a perfect job of running it.