Graham has become a well know figure in the rowing fraternity, he has made four crossings of the Atlantic.

The first was in 1997 when he teamed up with Keith Mason Moore, they came in 10th in the inaugural Atlantic Challenge aboard the George Geary, the boat built by Graham and named after his famous cricketing grand father.

He and the George Geary crossed again with a different crew member, Micheal Ryan in 2001.

Next time he decided he wanted to take on the challenge single handed and achieved that in 2004 again aboard the George Geary.

Next came his biggest challenge of all, it was suggested he attempt the crossing in The Puffin, a boat built during the 60's for two earlier rowers who unfortunately perished during their attempt. The boat was discovered mid Atlantic capsized and covered in weed. Graham restored the boat himself and completed the historic crossing in 2007. You can read all about the Puffin project in the archive section of this site, indeed the site itself is named after The Puffin.

gkNow he has decided its time for another challenge. This time Graham has again restored a famous historic boat The Khaggavisanna. The boat originally belonged to Sydney Genders who had it built to his own specification by the Bradford Boat Yard. He rowed her on a three part epic journey from England to the Canaries, then onto the West Indies and finally Florida.

You can follow this LINK and read more about Sydney Genders on the excellent Ocean Rowing Society site.