The Last Voyage of the George Geary.
Read all about Grahams latest challenge. He
has one more solo crossing to make before
hanging up his oars




The Source to Sea Challenge. The two year challenge saw Graham in wellingtons, inflatable canoe and rowing boat following the river Thames from its source at Trewsbury Mead, through Cricklade and Oxford, then on through central London and the Thames barrier and out to the finish at Southend

The Khaggavisanna Challenge. Following on from the Puffin success Graham next took on the Khaggavisanna.




The tragic Toby Wallace Challenge. After delays with the Khaggavisanna project Graham joined the crew of the Toby Wallace for their record breaking speed attempt.




The Puffin Transatlantic Row. Read all about Graham's epic crossing in 2007. After having fully restored the Puffin Graham went on to row solo across the Atlantic


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