It seems like only yesterday I returned from Tenerife in a gloomy mood after encountering so many problems.

Now November is upon us my days in England are numbered, at least 3 weeks are necessary to fix the electrics and seal the fastenings that are attached to the handles around the bottom of the hull under Puffin.

Training in the last 8 months has been motivated by separate challenges, cycling in the Alps was probably the first, secondly climbing Mount Blanc. Both these activities are good as high altitude training. Participating in the Great Northern Run also helped my training immensely as did 5 trips a week to the gym for weight training plus many hours on the rowing machine.


The pattern of my days is always the same work, work and prepare the Puffin. Extra additions to the self righting gear are now organized giving me confidence that if needed the boat will come upright with no problem.

During these last months two people are never far from my mind David Johnstone and John Hoare

The Ocean Rowing Society held a meeting on the 3rd of September which I attended. This is a very significant as it is the accepted day that the Puffin capsized and the crew were lost, a minutes silence was held by all those present.

This day is also significant in that the battered and bruised crew of the English Rose 111, John Ridgway and Chay Blyth stepped ashore in Ireland after completing their crossing which had become an unofficial race with the Puffin.

If the Puffin is still at sea on the 3rd September 2007 it means I won't be coming back